MOM/MES solutions

Atree MOM, Manufacturing Operations Management

Within the world of MOM/MES solutions, it is crucial to use software that is precisely tailored to the unique characteristics of the industry’s specific manufacturing process. This MES software is an essential component in ensuring the efficient operation of any manufacturing company.

Atree MOM

Atree MOM, or Manufacturing Operations Management, provides structured and integrated management of the manufacturing process. Acting as a secure Web application, this software can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection (VPN) without the need for installation. Atree MOM integrates several indispensable facets for managing all production processes. Atree MOM’s intuitive functionalities, such as starting and stopping orders, managing the warehouse by dragging and dropping items, opening menus or adding comments, allow users to work easily and effectively with this MES software.

Functional description of Atree MOM

Atree MOM manages the complete organization and administration of production processes and bridges the gap between planning and logistics on the one hand and process control on the other. Below, the various facets and modules of Atree MOM are briefly described. A more detailed list of functions specific to the customer’s project will be made available on the online documentation platform, further elaboration is available upon request.

Case studies

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Improving continuously with MES software

Atree MOM always considers the following important characteristics:

All manufacturing companies face the challenge of realizing their ambitions with fewer resources. Automating the production process frees up staff space: fewer administrative tasks and more substantive tasks that can contribute directly to the company’s goals.
The people who develop Atree MOM all have experience in the industry and therefore know the challenges of managing the production process.

Users are used to working with user-friendly and simple applications thanks to online tools such as Office 365. However, most enterprise software still lags behind in this regard. Atree MOM aims to respond to this as an intuitive, rich and self-explanatory product.
Usability and convenience are two of Atree MOM’s key features, which are also central to the development process. After all, scheduling and managing production orders, managing warehouses and assigning tasks to forklift drivers should not be difficult. Moreover, Atree MOM allows you to work effortlessly with multiple users simultaneously on the same order, always from the latest version.

Every production process and every company is different. With Atree MOM, the environment can be customized to the customer’s needs. Only the data relevant to the customer’s operations should be entered. In this way, Atree MOM can become a personalized production tool for each company.

The customer can link Atree MOM to third-party software the company uses, such as an ERP system. Data only needs to be entered once in one place, saving time and drastically reducing errors.