Custom-built electrical cabinets

Our custom-built electrical cabinets guarantee your industrial electrical systems are tuned down to last detail. Our engineers have their own workshop where they build custom electrical cabinets perfectly matched for your workshop or plant room.

The systems we deliver are customised at every level, and that includes building your cabinets. Whether your system requires small boxes or huge cabinets, our products are modelled to fit your plant. Our primary guideline is the wiring diagrams drawn up at the start of your automation project.


Atree’s assets
  • Efficient use of space
  • Orderly, well organised electrical installation
  • Cabinets built for every shape and size
  • Guaranteed quality



Bordenbouw elektriciteit

The next step: software

While the cabinet structure is emerging from the wiring diagrams and cabling, it is time to pass your automation project on to the software team. A small team of specialists start working on your PLC programming, perfecting the control systems for your production lines. These will form the beating heart of your new optimised systems.


Elektrische bordenbouw in containers

Efficient use of space

Our in-house development does not just guarantee you quality results: you can also be sure of optimised free space on your site. Our meticulous tailoring ensures no space is wasted in your custom cabinets. Every centimetre is used and everything is stored tidily: organised and efficient.


Plug and play: cabinets in containers

Maximum preparations at Atree, minimal installation on site. We build your cabinets in containers. All you have to do is put these in the right place and you have your technical room ready-made – no need to sacrifice any space in your building. Everything is finished down to the last detail – and thoroughly tested, of course.

Elektrische bordenbouw in containers