Installing and cabling your electrical systems

Every project starts with clear, up-to-date wiring diagrams. We use EPLAN’s state-of-the-art CAD technology P8 to design a comprehensive overview of your complete electrical installation, based on a combination of existing plans from machine manufacturers and Atree’s in-house analysis. 

The wiring diagrams are the basis on which your electrical cabinets are designed and built. This guarantees you get custom systems just right for your site. Our experienced team of experts comes to you to install and cable your system – with everything spot on and fitting together like pieces of a jigsaw.

Vacancy industrial electrician Atree automation

Atree’s assets

  • Wiring diagrams drawn up in-house
  • State-of-the-art design software
  • Well organised, tidy installation on site
  • Experienced, well-coordinated team

Well organised, tidy implementation of your electrical installation

On site, keeping the working environment clean and tidy is a priority. Our electricians always bundle their cables and sort them by type – we know it is the best way to avoid any errors. This helps your workers and technicians too. Power cables, control cables and communication cables all have their own colours, everything is clear, and there is no room for mix-ups.


We use Caneco BT software to analyse power cables and calculate the correct dimensions and sizes. This process is overseen by a specialist engineering team, guaranteeing your project is in expert hands. The calculations form a solid foundation for our in-house programmers who are responsible for the next big step in your customised optimisation scheme: they write the software.