The Little Potato Company

Case Study: Atree’s innovative solution for The Little Potato Company in Canada

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Customer Overview

The Little Potato Company: pioneer in small potato varieties

A leader in the potato industry in North America and Canada, The Little Potato Company distinguishes itself by growing, cultivating and promoting unique varieties of small potatoes. With a strong focus on quality and innovation, this organization has built a reputation as an industry leader in this segment.

The challenge

Seamless Integration in Complex Processes

For The Little Potato Company, Atree implemented an advanced production floor orchestration platform to support a wide range of processes. The processes include sorting, washing, mixing, packaging and inspecting potatoes. A specific challenge for The Little Potato Company is the efficient blending of two or more different potato varieties. Extensive synchronization of this process with ERP (Business Central)enables advanced pallet management.

Atree's Solution

An Integrated Production Floor Orchestration System

Atree’s solution consists of the implementation of the Atree Manufacturing Execution System (MES), complemented by the Atree Warehouse Management System (WMS). This system handles essential functions such as receiving goods, box detection with OCR technology, and an automated storage system for both wooden and plastic boxes.In addition, Atree’s solution includes lot number generation and activation of print actions via SCADA systems from the forklift application. The system enforces compliance with strict health regulations when processing organic and regulated products.

Opening new possibilities

Improved Quality Control and Workflow Efficiency

The integration of check scales and X-ray inspection into Atree’s solution will lead to improved quality control. In addition, the implementation of a specialized finished goods warehouse will make the shipping process more efficient, which will help optimize the overall workflow.

Here's what our client says:

Atree went above and beyond in their commitment to understanding our unique business needs. They seamlessly integrated our operations with their software, providing us with invaluable insights on optimizing our operations for maximum efficiency. Their dedication to our success has been truly exceptional, and we couldn't be happier with the results.

Frank Santiago
CEO The Little Potato Company


Atree's Role in Process Improvement and Quality Enhancement

This project illustrates how Atree successfully overcomes complex challenges and delivers innovative solutions that not only meet the immediate needs of The Little Potato Company, but also enable new opportunities for process improvement and quality enhancement. This positions Atree as a valuable partner in the continued growth and success of The Little Potato Company.

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