Factory automation

Scada: visualization of production processes

SCADA software, primarily Inductive Automation’s Ignition, transforms the production process into a transparent, graphical display. Whether on computer screens or subtly built-in panels, operators keep their finger on the pulse and make quick adjustments where needed.

Single screens or real control room?

Whether your machinery needs a few small screens or a full-blown control room, with custom SCADA programming a specialized team translates your business processes into a clear visual representation. With the integrated Ignition platform, you’ll enjoy the necessary flexibility and numerous possibilities.

Attention to ergonomics

Atree thinks proactively with each client. This also applies to SCADA programming. In recent years, for example, more attention has been paid to ergonomics. In terms of the visualization of production processes, this means, among other things, color schemes that are less tiring for the eyes. After all, alert employees are efficient employees.

Logical and user-friendly

The underlying software of pervasive industrial automation is complex. That’s true. But fortunately the operators in the production environment notice very little of that. At the interfaces, logic and ease of use come first. So everyone is immediately on board.

Atree's assets

  • clear graphical translation of complex processes
  • ergonomic approach to control panels
  • flexible SCADA system customized
  • use of known systems : Inductive Automation Ignition, WinCC, Citect,…
  • from small interfaces to extensive control room

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