We make it work in 1,2,3

Our user-friendly interfaces are developed in-house by our specialist programmers.

Benefit from a control room perfectly customised for your machinery.



We make it work in 1,2,3

Powerful automation for efficient production

If you want efficient production, you need an optimised workflow where you have maximum control over your operating processes. Let Atree’s team of experienced, skilled engineers add automation throughout your plant and machinery – customised to match your requirements in every detail.

Hardware en software

Atree is a one-stop shop partner for your company automation. We do everything in-house: from the first site visit and requirements analysis through to developing the interfaces and installing the systems in production. We produce all our own hardware and software. This guarantees you a customised system and you need not worry about the quality of the end result.
Automation processes

Every sector

Do you have your own production environment and machinery? Whatever your sector, Atree can raise your production to the next level. Our technicians and programmers can help you launch new lines – and, of course, they are also enthusiastic about optimising your current production processes. Atree strives for perfection. You will see that at every stage of your project – our well organised, tidy sites, our superb support and clear communication.

Beyond borders

Atree goes beyond borders, and not just in the technical sense: our engineers are regularly at work abroad. They take their expertise to France, Austria, the United Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands, America, and more. Our major customers are potato factories, vegetable processing plants and frozen foods operations.

Our satisfied customers

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Industrial automation – from A to Z

Are you looking for a one-stop shop partner who can help you transform your industrial automation ideas into practical reality? You are in the right place. With Atree, your production flow is in safe hands: our five specialist departments will develop a customised approach for your company – from hardware to software, from wiring diagrams to integration with your ERP and MES.

PLC Programming

Our user-friendly interfaces are developed in-house by our specialist programmers. We work with you to develop user-friendly production systems, right down to the logistical foundations.

Building cabinets

Whether you need small electrical cabinets or a mighty mastodon, all our cabinets are assembled in our own workshop and custom-built for your plant room.

Visualising production processes

Benefit from a control room perfectly customised for your machinery. Our programmers create a graphical visualisation of your production processes.

Installation and cabling

Our in-house engineers design wiring diagrams based on your requirements for your machinery. Our experienced team of electricians then handles the cabling on site.

Integrated systems

Bringing automation to the next level means integrating your automation systems with your logistics processes, your ERP, MES, OEE, etc. We develop the extra software layer you need to really make the difference.


The name Atree is more than just a pleasant-sounding company name. It is our philosophy and our strong company roots.

What's in a name?

Like the majestic oak, Atree has deep, strong roots. Our three CEOs have technical roots in the automation industry. Each of them spent decades deepening their knowledge, mastering a particular niche in this field. Years later, they came together to form their own company, pooling their specialisms to create an integrated whole. Read more>>

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