Electrical installations

Building cabinets

At Atree, we are dedicated to providing advanced solutions in the field of industrial automation. We understand the essential role advanced technologies play in modern industrial processes.

Custom-built electrical cabinets

Industrial electricals finished to perfection? Sure, thanks to custom sign construction. In our own workshop, Atree’s technicians create custom electrical cabinets for your workshop or technical space.

From small cabinets to impressive sign construction for your electricity: during every step of your installation, we work to size. Right down to the cabinetry. The electrical diagrams from at the start of your automation project are the guiding principles.

Ready for the software

While board construction results from the electrical schematics and cabling, your automation project moves on next to the software team. A handful of specialists start the PLC programming there. They set up the control of your production lines, the beating heart of your optimization.

Efficient use of space

Thanks to internal development, you are not only sure of the quality of your electric signs. You also retain maximum free space in your facility. With meticulous customization, cabinetry does not involve any lost space. Every inch is utilized and everything is neatly stored. That’s clear and efficient.

Building cabinets electricity
Building cabinets in containers

Plug and play: cabinets in containers

Maximum preparation at Atree, minimal on-site installation. We build your cabinets in containers. All you have to do is put them in the right place and you have your technical room ready to go – no need to sacrifice space in your building. Everything is finished to perfection – and, of course, thoroughly tested.

Atree's assets

  • efficient use of space
  • orderly and orderly electrical installation
  • cabinet construction in all sizes and shapes
  • guaranteed quality

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