Factory automation

WMS (warehouse management system)

Making your logistics processes in your warehouse more efficient and optimizing the flow of your products is best done with a warehouse management system (WMS). Using a WMS is a logical next step in the automation of your processes. Rely on Atree for a smooth implementation.

Customized WMS (warehouse management system)

Atree guides you in the transformation from manual tracking to an automated warehouse management system. Each project is unique and we have an eye for that. Together we map the current and future needs of your warehouse management system and translate them into detailed functionalities.

A well-integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS) is an essential part of a robust Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) software package. The WMS within our MOM software provides an advanced set of tools and functionalities to optimize warehouse management. It allows users to accurately inventory, track and manage all goods flows within the manufacturing environment.

WMS part of Atree MOM

A WMS (warehouse management system) integrates many functions that simplify and improve the order and goods flow in your warehouse. Think of receiving and putting away goods, determining their location, picking and packing, inventory management and reporting. This keeps your inventory up to date, your products in the right place and reduces the risk of errors.

Adaptive routing

Material routes are automatically determined through AI and Intelligent Algorithms. The optimal route adapts to reality. (e.g. technical failure, maintenance,...)


Incoming deliveries are scheduled with their necessary resources. Any checks are performed automatically or not. Starting and scheduling an incoming delivery triggers a whole chain of logistics activities. Via cross-docking, direct shipment or production can take place.


Outgoing deliveries are scheduled and the required goods are placed in a dispatch area if necessary. Additional checks may be performed at the time of loading.

Yard Management

Optimizing loading and unloading docks are an essential component in a good WMS system. Automatically assigning docks and integrating data from the weighbridge ensures optimal loading/unloading operations.

Replenishment AND Picking

Different procedures can be used in managing picking. Picking can be applied to deliver mixed pallets or to replenish half pallets to full pallets.

Data Integration

A good WMS system can integrate with several other systems. For example, there is possibility to integrate with ERP systems (SAP, Business Central, ...) but also with MES systems.


Real-time KPIs and reporting give warehouse managers live information about the state of their logistics process. Decision makers can get other (customized) KPIs.

Putaway AND Supply

Putaway and Supply algorithms determine how the warehouse is filled and emptied. These algorithms influence the efficiency of the entire logistics process.


With distributed warehouse, there is always an overview of goods held externally within the same system. External partners can consult and manage their (contractual) stock within the same system.

Some of the benefits of the WMS within our MOM software package include:

1. Inventory Management: Our WMS provides detailed insights into inventory status, helps identify inventory levels, and assists in planning restocking to avoid production downtime.

2. Order picking and shipping: More efficient order picking is enabled by advanced order picking methods, such as batch picking, zone picking and more, resulting in improved throughput and accuracy.

3. Tracking and Tracing: Our WMS provides real-time tracking and tracing of products within the supply chain, allowing users to react quickly to any discrepancies or irregularities.

4. Integration with Manufacturing Processes: Seamless integration of WMS with other manufacturing processes within the MOM software package streamlines the entire operation, from receiving to shipping.

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