WMS ( warehouse management system)

A warehouse management system (WMS) is the best way of honing the logistics processes in your warehouse efficient and optimising the flow of your products. Using a WMS is a logical next step in automating your processes. You can rely on Atree to ensure things run smoothly.

How can you speed up your warehouse activities to make them faster, easier and more precise?  A warehouse management system integrates a multitude of functions that simplify and improve the order and goods flow in your warehouse. These functions cover receiving and putting away goods, determining their location, picking and packing, stock management and reporting. This keeps your stock up to date, your products in the right place and reduces the risk of errors.

WMS Warehouse management system

Tailor-made warehouse management system

Let Atree guide you with transforming your processes from manual tracking to an automated warehouse management system. We understand that every project is unique. Together, we identify the current and future needs of your warehouse management system and translate them into detailed functionalities.

WMS implementation from A to Z

A WMS package is a thoughtful investment for your business. That is why you can rely on the expertise and know-how of our specialised programmers to manage the practicalities. Atree always looks at the overall picture for your specific production environment.

Assembly and cabling

Our in-house engineers design wiring diagrams based on your requirements for your machinery. Our experienced team of electricians then handles the cabling on site.

PLC Programming

Our user-friendly interfaces are developed in-house by our specialist programmers. We work with you to develop user-friendly production systems, right down to the logistical foundations.

Visualization of manufacturing processes

Benefit from a control room perfectly customised for your machinery. Our programmers create a graphical visualisation of your production processes.

Sign Building

Whether you need small electrical cabinets or a mighty mastodon, all our cabinets are assembled in our own workshop and custom-built for your plant room.

Overall concepts

Bringing automation to the next level means integrating your automation systems with your logistics processes, your ERP, MES, OEE, etc. We develop the extra software layer you need to really make the difference.


The name Atree is more than just a pleasant-sounding company name. It is our philosophy and our strong company roots.

Scada Visualization production processes

Atree’s assets

Atree’s assets

  • thorough knowledge of automation software
  • comprehensive approach to your warehouse
  • smooth interfacing with existing systems