Visualising production processes
with Scada

We use SCADA software, primarily Ignition by Inductive Automation, to create a transparent visualisation of your production process. This helps your operators keep their finger on the pulse and ensures they take control quickly if necessary, either from their computer screen or using subtly integrated control panels.

Our specialised team uses SCADA programming to translate your company processes into a clear visual representation. This might be just a few small screens, or a full-blown control room, depending on your needs. Benefit from the flexibility and endless possibilities of the integrated Ignition platform.


An eye to ergonomics

Atree thinks proactively with every customer – and that includes the SCADA programming. Increasing attention has been given to ergonomics over the last few years. At the level of production process visualisations, this means better colour schemes: we have worked to make them less tiring on the eyes – after all, alert workers are efficient workers.

PLC programming

Logical and user-friendly

It is true that the software behind comprehensive industrial automation is complex. Happily, the operators in the production environment do not have to worry about that. They can enjoy the simplicity of our logical, user-friendly interfaces – intuitive for everyone.


Atree’s assets

  • Clear visualisations of complex processes
  • Ergonomic approach to control panels
  • Flexible, customised SCADA systems
  • Built on tried and tested systems: Inductive Automation Ignition, WinCC, Citect, etc.
  • Every scale: from small interfaces to full-blown control rooms
Automation industry processes