PLC control systems for industrial automation

Every machine is different – and so is every enterprise. That is why Atree’s experienced team write PLC programs from scratch for every project. The results are perfectly tailored to the customer and their production department.

It is always nice to have something to look at – and that is why Atree gives you a carefully laid out electrical installation, customised to meet your needs. However, the real power of industrial automation lies in the software hidden behind the user-friendly interfaces.

PLC Beckhoff Siemens Tia Portal Rockwell Studio 5000

Integration right through to logistics

Our in-house PLC programmers create benefits for you. We do not stop at translating your specific needs and requirements into the PLC control system; we also arrange streamlined integration with your existing systems. That means, for example, Atree can integrate your logistics organisation and crate transport into your new automation scheme.


Comprehensively tested PLC automation

Your PLC control system is developed to meet exacting standards by our experienced team of full-time programmers. In-house testing is an important part of our development process – from FAT (factory acceptance test) to SAT (site acceptance test). You can be confident that your software is guaranteed ready for implementation on your site – no nasty surprises or hidden issues.

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Atree’s assets

  • Flexible programming to meet company-specific requirements
  • Experience with major PLC brands such as Beckhoff Twincat, Siemens S7, TIA Portal and Rockwell Studio5000
  • Internal testing of your PLC control system
  • Integration with existing systems