MES Software

Get more from your automation

Better control of the shop floor, more flexible response to market demand and continuous improvement of your production process.With a manufacturing execution system, you get more out of your production environment. Atree’s experienced team effortlessly links your PLC control with MES software.


To fully automate your business, you need MES software in addition to PLC. This allows you to control, monitor and adjust your machines or robot installations more accurately.Atree guarantees flawless implementation and integration with your existing systems.

PLC Sturing automatisatie

Improving continuously with MES software

Whereas PLC controllers directly drive your machines, MES software provides insight into your production process, increases its quality and enables more efficient control. This translates into fewer errors and continuous improvement on the shop floor. Take the automation of your production environment to the next level with Atree’s expertise.

Linking MES system and ERP

To get the most out of your automation, Atree links your MES system to your ERP solution. This way, you convert the data from your production environment to your commercial and logistics processes and vice versa. For optimal planning, execution, control and analysis of your production process.

PLC & Scada

Our user-friendly interfaces are developed in-house by our specialist programmers. We work with you to develop user-friendly production systems, right down to the logistical foundations.


Improve your competitiveness and optimise your production processes with our advanced WMS and MES solutions.

Assembly and cabling

Our in-house engineers design wiring diagrams based on your requirements for your machinery. Our experienced team of electricians then handles the cabling on site.

Building cabinets

Whether you need small electrical cabinets or a mighty mastodon, all our cabinets are assembled in our own workshop and custom-built for your plant room.

Overall concepts

Bringing automation to the next level means integrating your automation systems with your logistics processes, your ERP, MES, OEE, etc. We develop the extra software layer you need to really make the difference.


The name Atree is more than just a pleasant-sounding company name. It is our philosophy and our strong company roots.

Scada Visualization production processes

Atree’s assets

Atree is building on solid foundations. With more than 20 years of experience each, the possibilities are virtually limitless. Because where competitors stop, Atree goes one step further:

extensive expertise in automation with PLC and MES
implementation tailored to your business processes
integration with PLC and ERP solution