Optimal scheduling with Smart Scheduler & AI

Smart Scheduler is an AI-driven solution that supports the scheduler in creating short- and long-term schedules in a complex production environment.

Smart automation with Digital Twin

The Smart Scheduler centralizes scheduling data in a Digital Twin, automates calculations and generates AI-based suggestions. The tool uses specific domain knowledge for planning and simulates the production process.

Central data and AI generation

We have to deal with a growing number of rules and constraints. Many know that much of this logic is traditionally stored in spreadsheets (spreadsheets). In a world that emphasizes resilience (resilience), sustainability and human-machine cooperation, we need assistance in making planning decisions.

What-If Scenarios and Real-Time Adjustments.

One can make adjustments in the Digital Twin for different “what-if” scenarios and comparisons of simulations. During a simulation run, one can change the planning proposals in real time. When this happens, the planner receives a notification about possible “impossibilities” or “errors.” However, the planner always retains control of the final schedule, regardless of the situation.

Benefits of the Smart Scheduler

  • Saves time and effort for planners.
  • Provides smart suggestions using AI.
  • Makes it easy to compare different scheduling scenarios.
  • Keeps planners always in control of the final schedule, even with real-time adjustments.

The Smart Scheduler so helps planners in the food industry create better and more efficient schedules, which helps meet customer demands and deal with the growing complexity of production.


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