About us

The name Atree is more than just a pleasant-sounding company name. It is our philosophy and our strong company roots. The ‘A’, of course, stands for automation, the core daily business for our motivated group of technical specialists… but that is not all that is in the name.

Filip Maertens
Hakim Bouffarra

Atree: powerful forces for automation

That there are 3 of them, the driving forces behind Atree? Yes, that too is contained in the name. Each with their own specialty:

  • Henk Demeulemeester focuses on visualization and umbrella software.
  • Filip Martens is a strong holder in PLC programming.
  • Hakim Bouffarra takes care of hardware and purchasing.

20 years of experience

Let the word ‘tree’ conjure up the image of a strong, mature tree, firmly rooted into the ground: that is Atree. We are rooted on the strengths of our founders: more than 20 years of experience each. On such a firm foundation, the possibilities are almost unlimited. Where our competitors stop, Atree takes a step further … just like a tree steadily extending its branches wider. That is well worthy of the capital ‘A’ for Automation.

Henk Demeulemeester

Ambitious, flexible, customised

Our approach is flexible. That means your automation is fully customised to your business. Our approach is ambitious. That means that we translate even your most challenging requirements into concrete solutions. Take a look at a few of the corporate values we embody to a high standard every day:

Every team member working on your project keeps these standards in mind. They are part of our DNA. These company values are the common thread throughout our services. Both in programming and in assembly and sign building, cabling, etc. Every team member respects these values.

  • perfectionism
  • loyalty
  • involvement
  • efficiency
  • innovation
  • positivity
  • cooperation
  • responsibility