Automatisatie Recycling

Case Study Galloo: automation of new recycling line

Galloo processes discarded consumer goods and factory scrap. Their activity consists of collecting, reusing, transforming and recycling quality materials in industry worldwide : ferrous and non-ferrous metals and certain types of technical plastics.

Atree has a lot of experience in various sectors, and thus also in the recycling industry. The Smart Recycling project we completed for Galloo demonstrates our expertise in innovating established processes. Together, we rolled out a state-of-the-art automated recycling line, once again reaffirming our commitment to sustainability and efficiency.

The challenge

Full integration with Siemens technology

Galloo’s challenge was significant and obvious: complete automation of electrical engineering, panel construction, cabling, PLC programming and Scada visualization. The answer lay in the implementation of a Siemens S7-1517 Failsafe Controller – the heart of the new recycling line that offers reliability and safety at unprecedented levels.

Galloo Recycling

Atree's solution

High-end software for high-end results

Programming and control came to life through the Siemens TIA Portal, while the safety program provided further assurance that every step of the recycling process is safe and manageable.

Visualization at its best with Ignition

How we provide interaction and control over our automation systems is critical. For Galloo, we implemented Ignition from Inductive Automation, which provides transparency and an intuitive user experience. This ensures that operators have insight and control at every level.

EPLAN P8 and Caneco for precision and efficiency

Using EPLAN P8 for electrical engineering and the Caneco software for cable calculations, Atree’s solution not only has the potential to maximize productivity, but also reduces energy consumption and materials – a win for both Galloo and the planet.

This is what our customer says

Our partnership with Atree has been strong for 10 years. Together we have made numerous projects a success, such as the recent realization of our aluminum production line with an integrated PILZ safety system. Outside of project work, we can always count on Atree's on-call service, ready to spring into action should anything suddenly happen, so definitely a reliable partner!

Koen Mahieu
Engineering department Galloo


These tailored approaches are carefully designed to fit seamlessly with our customers’ specific needs, with the aim of significantly improving their industries and taking them to the next level. By working closely with our partners, such as Galloo, we succeed in realizing groundbreaking projects that not only add economic value, but also contribute to the environmental goals of our planet. Step by step, we are working toward a future where technology and sustainability go hand in hand.

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