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Atree forklift application

The Atree Forklift Application is an essential element within our advanced Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) Solutions, as this innovative application is specifically designed to revolutionize warehouse operations. With unparalleled efficiency, customization and real-time control over forklift tasks, this application ensures optimal performance. Seamlessly integrated with the complete Atree MOM suite, this application provides an unparalleled solution for optimized warehouse management. So, if you are looking for a comprehensive solution, the Atree Forklift Application is the ideal choice for your business.

Innovative forklift application

At Atree, we understand the complexity of warehouse management because efficiency is key. Our forklift app, a crucial part of the Atree MOM suite, provides a robust solution with advanced features such as RFID and camera integration. With offline support, the app continues to work even without a constant Internet connection. Versatile warehouse configuration and comprehensive tracking provide flexibility and insight into warehouse movements. Finally, our unique visual enhancement adds intuitive functionality to task execution, further improving the user experience.

Task-driven workflow

Maximize your warehouse performance with targeted tasks for forklift operators. Improve efficiency and streamline cross-docking as it ensures optimal control and precise logistics optimization.

Warehouse navigation and configuration

Optimize your workflow with effortless drag-and-drop layout, visual color coding and strategic lot reservations for detailed inventory management. Simplify your processes with these powerful features as it ensures maximum efficiency

RFID Tag reading and OCR via camera

Implement full identification with RFID Tag reading and camera OCR. Benefit from seamless tracking of UHF RAIN RFID tags via RFID integration, and add an additional layer of identification with camera-OCR for items without RFID tags.

Real-time updates

Receive real-time updates when starting work orders and quickly adapt to changing warehouse conditions. Facilitate joint task execution by dynamically redirecting forklift operators in real time for seamless coordination between multiple operators.

Offline support

Our forklift application provides seamless offline support, allowing forklifts to operate without a constant Internet connection. Workflow and data automatically synchronize upon connection recovery.

User authentication and forklift tracking

Forklift operators securely sign in with badge or PIN for traceable operations. Flexible use of profiles with unique forklift registration provides complete control and oversight of all warehouse movements.

Visual task assistance

Upload customer-specific images of warehouse locations and present them to the forklift operator. Improve job intuition with customized visual aids that meet specific customer requirements.

Multilingual support

Available in all languages via translation files. Customers can effortlessly edit translations through central translation management to customize the application to their desired language.

Additional custom functionality

Print labels directly from the application, integrate seamlessly with scales for precision in measurements, and perform custom customer steps to meet specific operational requirements.

Success stories from our customers

Since implementing Atree's forklift application, our warehouse efficiency has skyrocketed. The real-time updates, intuitive drag-and-drop actions, RFID tracking, comprehensive tracing, offline support and visual task support have transformed our operations, leading to a significant increase in productivity.

Inventory management of handheld devices

Extend the power of our system beyond the forklift, as you use handheld devices such as laptops or smartphones for inventory counting and other inventory management tasks. Correct stock levels, update stock information and perform various tasks easily, so optimize your workflow.

Integration with MES

Task and job management for forklift operators is seamlessly integrated with the Manufacturing Execution System (MES). This unified approach ensures a synchronized workflow as both warehouse and manufacturing operations are optimized. This creates more efficient collaboration between different processes.

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