MOM/MES solutions

performance management module

This performance management module integrates seamlessly with external systems to increase visibility into performance. Customizations to specific features are possible based on existing infrastructure and customer needs, with specific focus on integration with analytics platforms such as Power BI.

Flexible architecture for future expansion and performance management

The architecture of the Performance Management module is flexibly designed, allowing for future expansions and integrations as new requirements arise. This ensures a scalable and adaptable solution for evolving needs.

Monitoring OEE and performance optimization

Atree MOM provides complete monitoring of the three critical components of OEE – Availability, Performance and Quality. The platform provides instant insight into the effectiveness of your production assets. Analysis of patterns and trends in OEE across shifts, machines and product lines leads to data-driven decisions to improve production efficiency.

Quality improvement and advanced reporting tools thanks to performance management

The module records, tracks and analyzes defects, stimulating quality improvement opportunities and reducing costs due to poor quality. Atree MOM provides advanced reporting tools that offer insights into quality performance, encouraging continuous improvement.

Downtime management en Analyse Root Cause Analysis

By capturing and categorizing unplanned downtime, the system identifies root causes and suggests corrective actions to prevent recurrence. Customizable reports and dashboards provide a clear overview of key performance metrics (KPIs) and track areas for improvement over time.

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