MOM/MES solutions

Seamless connectivity of PLC and SCADA systems

Atree MOM ensures flawless connectivity and powerful communication links between SCADA systems and PLCs. This results in uninterrupted data flow, vital for accurately controlling and monitoring production equipment and processes. Our system collects and records real-time data from PLCs on the shop floor, including machine status, production counts and process variables. This provides instant insight and control over your industrial processes. Find out how Atree MOM optimizes your PLC and SCADA integration for a more efficient manufacturing environment.

Centralized control: efficient control of PLC and SCADA systems

Atree MOM enables centralized control, allowing operators to effectively monitor and control production processes from one central location. Our advanced SCADA interfaces visualize complex operations, creating an intuitive work environment for efficient control of PLC and SCADA systems. Discover how Atree MOM optimizes your production with advanced integration of PLC and SCADA technologies.

Historical data recording

The integration provides logging of historical data. This enables companies to collect and store historical data for trend analysis, regulatory compliance and strategic planning. Through this data, long-term production processes can be improved in terms of efficiency and reliability.

Precise control and flexibility

Atree MOM provides precise control over machines and processes. The system allows easy reprogramming to make adjustments as processes change, ensuring flexibility and enabling continuous optimization of production processes.

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