MOM/MES solutions

Clear portal application

Optimize your manufacturing process with Atree MOM, where our powerful portal application acts as the central point for a comprehensive overview of all production activities. From production and inventory management to quality control and maintenance, our portal offers a streamlined solution. Using advanced technologies, our portal integrates seamlessly with PLC and SCADA systems, giving you a holistic view. Experience the benefits of this portal application and increase the efficiency of your production environment.

Customizable dashboards for comprehensive insight

Discover the power of the Atree MOM suite with our advanced portal application as a key component. Our customizable dashboards effortlessly gather data from all corners of the MOM suite, resulting in a comprehensive view of your manufacturing operations. This consolidated view makes data-driven decisions easier and more effective. Take advantage of the flexibility of our portal application and maximize the efficiency of your business processes.

User roles and rights management

The portal allows customers to manage user roles and permissions. In this way, employees have access to the right tools and information needed to perform their jobs effectively. This supports efficient work processes.

Seamless integration with business systems with our portal application

Optimize your business processes with Atree MOM’s powerful portal application, which serves as a seamless integration gateway to other essential business systems, including ERP. This strategic connection provides a smooth flow of information throughout the enterprise, resulting in significantly improved coordination and operational efficiency. Discover how our portal application can take your business efficiency to new heights by facilitating streamlined collaboration between different systems.

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