MOM/MES solutions

Planning of production activities

Basic planning for efficient production management

Atree MOM simplifies scheduling production activities with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Planners can assign work orders to specific machines and process units based on availability, ensuring a smooth workflow. The system can manage multiple production lines and shifts, allowing both recurring and manual adjustments.

Interactive visual tools such as Gantt charts provide a clear overview and control over production timelines. This helps align all stakeholders, enabling streamlined planning.

The ability to allocate resources to specific tasks ensures that each task is assigned the materials, equipment and labor required for efficient execution.

Real-time visibility into inventory levels enables planners to proactively manage replenishment schedules, enabling timely action to prevent shortages. The system identifies scheduling conflicts and errors, such as overlapping tasks or duplicate resource bookings, so planners can correct them.

Smart planning with advanced AI

Atree MOM uses advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to optimize scheduling decisions. It analyzes historical data, current trends and future forecasts to accurately predict demand and capacity.

Through predictive analytics, the system proactively adjusts production schedules to meet predicted demands. Analysis of previous production cycles helps estimate yields and optimizes raw material procurement times to reduce waste.

The scheduler uses strong solution algorithms to quickly find a near-optimal scheduling solution. This meets all constraints and objectives, such as minimizing changeover times and balancing workloads. The system allows managers to create “what if” scenarios to assess the impact of possible changes in the production process, which helps with strategic decision-making.

The system can account for machine, labor and inventory capacity in the scheduling process to ensure that the production plan is realistic and achievable. Provides real-time updates and alerts to manage unexpected changes or disruptions to the production schedule so that resources and tasks can be quickly reallocated.

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