MOM/MES solutions

Track & Trace module

Full traceability with Atree MOM

Optimize your manufacturing processes with Atree MOM, which provides comprehensive track and trace capabilities for any product. From receipt, our software records a complete history of materials and processes. This includes accurate recording of lot numbers, equipment used, time stamps and all relevant actions during the production process. With Atree MOM, you are assured of detailed traceability, giving you complete control over your production chain.

Real-time access to track & trace information

Stakeholders benefit from immediate and real-time access to vital tracking information. This accessibility is critical for responding quickly to quality control issues, initiating recalls and accurately checking delivery status. Discover how our advanced track and trace functionality contributes to a more efficient and managed supply chain.

Compliance with industrial regulations

Atree MOM facilitates strict compliance with industry regulations related to product traceability. The platform provides comprehensive reporting capabilities for audit trails and verification processes. This ensures that all steps and actions are documented, which is essential for compliance with industry standards and regulations.

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