MOM/MES solutions

Integrations with external systems

Through the open API (Application Programming Interface), it is possible to link Atree MOM with various other services. An ERP system or printers can be linked. Thereby, Atree MOM is the source of crucial data such as orders, products, relations, attributes, planning, inventory, etc. In this way, the various links are fed from one source.

Integration between Atree and other applications can be done in two different ways:

  • synchronously via web service communication (REST and webhooks), which involves an interactive way of exchanging data.
  • asynchronously via import/export of data, which allows data to be imported and exported in bulk.

The choice of one of these two techniques depends on the integration required and on the technical capabilities of the application being integrated with. In addition, it is also possible to integrate with Atree MOM if the application’s data format is documented or if an API exists to manipulate the data. However, a data conversion system must be developed for each application.

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