Atree is working on SMART SCHEDULER & AI: the future of efficient planning

Optimal scheduling:

In the world of complex production environments, Atree comes up with the solution: the Smart Scheduler with AI. As specialists in advanced technologies, we offer a powerful tool that allows you to centralise scheduling data, automate calculations and receive AI-assisted scheduling suggestions – all at your fingertips.

Let us assume the following case:

Background: Let’s look at a situation in the food industry, where a smart scheduling tool called “Smart Scheduler” is used to help with production planning.

Problem: In the food industry, planners have to create complex schedules for production. This is becoming increasingly difficult as customers expect more flexibility and production volumes increase. There are also many rules and constraints to take into account. Often, these rules are kept in spreadsheets. In a world where resilience, sustainability and cooperation between people and machines are important, there is a need for help in making scheduling decisions.

Solution: The Smart Scheduler is a handy tool that supports planners.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Centralising Data: All important data for planning is stored in one place, in what we call a “Digital Twin”. This makes it easy to access all the information needed for planning.
  2. Automation: The tool can perform many of the complicated calculations automatically. This saves planners a lot of time and effort.
  3. AI suggestions: The Smart Scheduler can also make suggestions for schedules using artificial intelligence (AI). This means the tool can give smart ideas on how to schedule production.
  4. Simulations: Planners can run and compare different “what-if” scenarios. They can adjust the Digital Twin to see how changes affect planning.
  5. Real-time Adjustments: During a simulation, planners can make changes in real-time. If they try something that is impossible or causes errors, the tool alerts them.

Want to know more about how our Smart Scheduler with AI can help your business? Discover all the features, functions and benefits on our page about the Smart Scheduler with AI. Improve your planning and optimise production.