Fully automated potato factory Pomuni in Belgium wins “Factory of the Future” Award

Since 2015, the title “Factory of the Future” has been awarded to companies whose production is strongly committed to digitalization, smart processes and sustainable production, among other things.

Potato processor Pomuni in Ranst, has invested heavily in innovation and automation in recent years. In 2021, Pomuni completed their four-year investment process. Thanks to extensive automation, not a single employee still has to touch the product, from the supply of fresh potatoes to the packaging and freezing of the croquettes or Pommes duchesses that roll off the belt.

Atree provided the hardware and digitalization of the operational processes, the elaboration of flexible and adaptive systems, automatic warehouse,… with thorough PLC, Scada, WMS, MES,…

Congratulations to Pomuni for winning the Factory of the Future award!