Frontend & Backend developers

PLC Beckhoff Siemens Tia Portal Rockwell Studio 5000

  After a training, you will be joining as a full stack developer in a cross-functional team. You will be working and contributing in local and international projects mainly in the manufacturing and warehousing area.

Depending on your expertise you will develop the project front ends in React and/or execute the backend development in nodejs + typescript.

Nimble project teams will focus on delivery and execute the end-to-end testing before installation will happen and participate in the continues delivery models. (from MVP to customer success projects). Occasionally you will be participating in such a delivery team to understand the customer needs.

Your Main tasks

  • React development based on wireframes or UX/UI
  • Use proper styling (CSS)
  • Nodejs Typescript
  • Review the end-to-end solution occasionally.
  • Working with Git & CI/CD principles
  • Participate in team meetings
  • Exploit your basic skills and knowledge of REST, python or c # , Mongo DB , MySQL , MS SQL Server.
  • Exploit or learn to work with technologies such as OPC UA , MQTT , OCR etc…

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