Fully automated potato factory

Automated processes for the potato factory

Potatoes are one of the most widely consumed foods in the world and are used in a wide range of dishes. Not surprisingly, there are huge factories specifically designed to process and package potatoes for use in supermarkets and restaurants. One of the latest developments in this sector is the fully automated potato factory.

The fully automated potato factory is a plant designed to process potatoes without any human intervention. From the moment the potatoes arrive, they are sorted, washed, peeled, cut and packaged by machines. This ensures efficient and consistent processing of potatoes, resulting in high-quality products and increased productivity.


One of the main advantages of the fully automated potato factory is the quality of the final product. The use of automated processes minimizes the possibility of human error and optimizes product quality. In addition, the fully automated potato factory is able to process potatoes much faster than manual processes, significantly increasing productivity.

Another advantage of the fully automated potato factory is cost savings. By using machines instead of workers, operating costs can be reduced and products can be offered at lower prices. In addition, the machines can operate 24 hours a day, meaning that production never needs to be interrupted.

PLC Sturing automatisatie

Atree, automated using thorough Machine learning, AI software ( artificial intelligence), ERP, MES, traceability,… the fully automated potato factory Pomuni in Ranst.

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Software applications

A fully automated potato company can use various software applications to streamline and optimize the production process.

Machine learning and AI software ( artificial intelligence): These technologies can be used to analyze the vast amount of data generated by sensors and other technologies on the potato farm. Machine learning and AI can identify patterns and trends in the data and use them to make recommendations to the farmer on how best to manage his crop.
ERP software: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software can be used to manage all aspects of the farm, from accounting and invoicing to inventory management and production planning. It can help farmers improve farm efficiency and profitability by providing them with real-time information about their operations and performance.

Harvesting and grading equipment software: Potato farms use sophisticated machinery to harvest and sort potatoes by size, shape and quality. The software that drives these machines is critical to automating this process and ensuring accurate and consistent grading of potatoes.

Traceability software: In food production, being able to trace the origin of food is critical. Traceability software can help track the origin of potatoes from the time they are harvested until they reach the store. This can help ensure food safety and troubleshoot if there is a problem with the potatoes.

All of these software applications can be integrated into an automated system that manages all aspects of the potato business. Atree automates using thorough Machine learning and AI software, ERP, Traceability, MES,…