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Vacancy industrial copywriter

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As an industrial copy writer within Atree, you will be closely involved in the development of all software. You are responsible for the design and layout of technical manuals, operator manuals, marketing documents. In short, everything related to both internal and external communication is in your hands. Our focus on customization is your guarantee for a varied job, both in terms of content and in terms of time and size of the projects.

Who you are

  • You already have some experience in copywriting
  • You like to work in a team – you are close to the software development team, from which you can expect the necessary input
  • You are flexible
  • You take responsibility

What you do

  • Copy writing in the broadest sense of the word

What you get

  • Varied work
  • Flexibility in your job
  • Good personal contact within the company
  • A young, dynamic work environment with enthusiastic colleagues
  • A competitive salary

Is your word processor and illustrator already up and running? Apply. Send your resume and cover letter to